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Secondary Curriculum

By the time students get into the secondary education, they get a sound touch of the basic concepts and theories of every subject. The Ummed School believes that this must be the time when the students must learn to relate their knowledge with their surroundings. At every stage provides an environment to its students where they can learn such skills. The School knows the importance of ideas which keep on flourishing in these young brains and therefore helps them to speak their minds.

At this level, students study various subjects like Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science etc. Apart from bookish concepts Ummed teaches its students to relate each subject with their society and environment. Ummed since very beginning has adopted a culture to use education a key to find the real purpose of life. It believes that secondary education must be provided such atmosphere where they can learn such skills.

Like other wings, the secondary wing also undergoes many co-curricular activities to bind the students with society. The seeds of creativity which are sown at primary level get nourished further in secondary education. Ummed provides its secondary students with various clubs like literature club, sculpture club, science club, heritage club etc. The purpose of these clubs is to help the students to make their knowledge more productive. These clubs also provide an environment where students learn inter-personal skills and the value of team work.

Ummed by the virtue of its planned structure of education and a completely creative decorum, has become successful in enhancing knowledge and critical thinking of its students. Apart from this, Ummed students also inculcate moral, ethical, social and patriotic values.