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Reasons why Ummed school is one of the best CBSE schools of Jodhpur city.

Our main goal is to support productive identity development for students and to maximize the effectiveness of learning beyond the syllabus.
As an organization, we focus on discovering the interests, talents, and learning styles of each student, to make them more attentive and engage by adjusting teaching methods and strategies which meet their needs on an individual basis.
In order to promote ‘Life Skills’ and ‘Value Education’, we give importance to health and physical education with academics. We provide one period per day for sports, which leads to better stress management for students and also creates a better environment for learning.
We try to cover the aspects of stress, anxiety and related problems of students in our school by providing them the right ‘Motivation’ and ‘Emotions’. Some of our syllabus textbooks developed by NCERT for higher secondary shows concern on the formation of positive health of student’s mind.
Children are active and curious learners, we provide them safe indoor activity environment. A well-designed proper surroundings which gives young children a sense of belongingness and enables them to engage in focused and self-directed play.
The Ummed school believes in diversity, we celebrate every festival and try to engage students by planning events for their educational growth. When the session starts, we provide them with their full year schedule which consists of all the major events and the holiday structure for their awareness on national and international issues.