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Primary Curriculum

Entering primary school is supposed to be the very first milestone in a child’s education. The primary –school life plays a core role in a student’s life by laying down the foundation of learning. At this stage a child undergoes social and emotional development; more work is done on language and conceptual development. The Ummed School concentrates on building every child’s confidence and a desire to learn. For this Ummed has a well-rounded primary education that includes both academic and non-academic aspects of learning.

Primary education introduces a child with new and interesting subjects, Ummed has an all-rounded practical approach to teaching these subjects. This develops a better understanding of concepts and a willingness in child to learn.

At this stage a child nurtures his vocabulary and learns to speak his mind. At Ummed, the child is trained to understand his environment and receives hands-on experience in building the foundations of historical, geographical, scientific and technological concepts through innovative ways of learning. The school aims to provide its students with a broad exposure which helps them in discovering their own interests and talents.  The atmosphere encourages the students to get involved in different activities of their choices like drama, music, dance, enactment, recitation etc. Interactive sessions are held at the primary wing to help the students in overcoming hesitation.

The School delivers the best state of Art for primary education which helps the young individual minds to adopt creativity, knowledge and core values of mankind.