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Our Methodology

Ummed has an experimental touch at teaching. It works to provide its students with a hands on experience of theoretical concepts. From the growth of  a sapling into a plant to the working of a motor boat, they get to know everything in practical.

Ummed believes that the significance of education is language. That’s why it doesn’t just focus on teaching correct grammar or a proper sentence structure but firmly targets to make their children learn the art to express their minds. Education is useless if it doesn’t contain a creative character at its core. Ummed has installed this value from the very beginning and continues to nourish creative minds in its beautiful educational premises by giving a complete freedom to its students which helps them to think beyond the limits.

Ummed has a unique teaching methodology which gets structured in three key parametres: Subject based, theme based and project based. These three aspects of learning help the students to get in touch with the diverse range of a particular subject.

Subject Based Learning.: Unlike the conventional trend, Ummed looks a bit further to provide the students with a curriculum which doesn’t emphasize rote mugging of the facts and figures. It gives them an environment where students can get a sense of their experiences and the world around them.

Theme based learning: The core belief behind this learning methodology is to develop deeper understanding of concepts and theme within the students by engaging them in multiple activities specially designed to achieve specific goals.

Project Based Learning: This methodology helps the students to take on active role as problem solvers. The PBL introduces real life problems to students where they get an initiative to build critical thinking and divergent thinking skills by getting involved in live projects based on theories which they learn from books.