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A kindergarten is one of the initial and foremost steps in making a civilized citizen. It is supposed to be a preschool where a child is nurtured and nourished like a plant in a garden. Ummed has a beautiful environment for kindergarten where children can get to play, sing, dance and involve in practical activities. Such activities help them to establish social interaction and learn with joy. When a child steps out from the closed environment of his home to an unknown world of school, he doesn’t know what he is going to face in completely different premises. Ummed aims to make this transition easy and comfortable so that the school environment becomes completely acceptable for the children. The healthy and a friendly atmosphere at Ummed kindergarten helps the students form good habits and learn the communication skills in unknown boundaries. Ummed believes that a child must be instilled with the quality of expressing himself.

Thr Ummed School provides its students with a free atmosphere where children are taught in a very positive manner. This acclaimed institution is successful in developing an environment which is full of fun and devoid of any threats and embarrassment. Here learning and growing is a fun activity.

Students at Ummed feel protected due to its caring and secure atmosphere. Children are exposed to various kinds of stimulating experiences with healthy mental growth, motor development and writing readiness. At the pre-primary stage Ummed works in developing cognitive skills, enhancement of vocabulary, inter-personal skills, initiative, and recognition of numbers and promotion of knowledge.

The Ummed School has adopted a policy of having a well-designed teaching methodology, which is reviewed and restructured every year accordingly. This helps the school to undergo a day-wise syllabus completion routine keeping in mind joyful learning for children and also providing them the right dose of knowledge through various activities.