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How to select the best School for your Child in Jodhpur?
How to select the best School for your Child in Jodhpur?

With the presence of so many schools to choose from in & around Jodhpur, it can be difficult and tiresome for any parent to find the best school for his child. Therefore, today we present to you an exhaustive list of what to look for while finding the right school for your child.

  1. Start with the core and find out how qualified are the faculty members who teach core subjects like Language, Mathematics, Science, Society and Physical Education.The other courses which the School provides in addition to the core subjects.
  2. The Schools approach to the Teaching-learning process.
  3. The strength of the curriculum and teaching pattern of the School.
  4. Presence of Extra-curricular activities which support whatever is taught.
  5. Presence of Art and Fine Arts adds glamour to the child’s personality. Is it present in School?
  6. Implementation of a proper testing policy in regards to the board of education.
  7. Presence of Personality development courses for the students.
  8. Presence of proper infrastructure for overall development of children.
  9. Presence of sports facilities to ensure fine mental and physical balance in the students.
  10. Presence of ample boarding and lodging facilities of the students.
  11. Presence of hygienic food in the campus.
  12. Presence of a medical inspection room and basic first aid medication.
  13. Languages complement the learning structure, therefore the School should be able to instill world class communication qualities in its students.

The Ummed School Jodhpur is a hub of quality education and world class infrastructural facilities. The above listed points are all a part of academic and non-academic curricula of the School. This should enable one’s thinking about the level of Education being imparted in the School.