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Digital Learning at the Ummed School
Digital Learning at the Ummed School

Everyone’s educational road is different. Today, students want to reach their educational goals in a way that fits their lifestyles. Whether their courses are blended or fully online, they are eager to participate in engaging, rigorous digital learning programs.

Learning tools and technology enable students to develop effective self-directed learning skills. They are able to identify what they need to learn, find and use online resources, apply the information on the problem at hand, and even evaluate resultant feedback, this will increase the student’s efficiency and productivity.

The Ummed School believes in the development of analytical reasoning of students by applying technology and digital learning tools to sharpen their critical thinking skills. Students who explore open-ended questions with imagination and logic, quickly learn how to make decisions, rather than just temporarily memorizing the textbook. By engaging students more in learning methods like peer education, teamwork, problem-solving, reverse teaching, concept maps, gamification, staging, role playing, and storytelling. Dynamic grouping, workshops, and project-based learning adds a lot of collaborative learning to our digital model.

Since digital learning is far more interactive, it allows our students to connect better with the learning material. Even students can track their own progress, which improves their accountability and mind-set. In recent years, the shift from print to digital has impacted how we learn, this transition is changing formal education and increasing learning opportunities. As an organization, we teach our students the E-Learning tools to experiment with their metrics, digitally document the change and to share this data with the teachers. Our power packed Audio-Video sessions help students to focus more on their curriculum and as well as on their extra-curricular activities.