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7 Reasons which make The Ummed School unique among other CBSE/Cambridge schools of Jodhpur.
7 Reasons which make The Ummed School unique among other CBSE/Cambridge schools of Jodhpur.

Apart from the rigourous academic turmoil, there are several other features of the Ummed School which make it a hit among the people of Jodhpur and Rajasthan. Listed below are 7 such features which prove that the School is unique in many ways:

An Evolving Atmosphere
The Ummed School provides its students with a free atmosphere where children are taught in a very positive manner. Our aim is to provide holistic education to the students, we have adopted a policy of maintaining a well-desingned teaching methodology.

Excellent Teaching Staff

The best teachers work to improve their ability to teach. We have a highly efficient group of teaching staff which consistently focuses on the growth of students and to enrich their learning skills and moral values.

Parent-Teacher relationship

Parents play a key role in providing a supportive environment for their children to learn and grow. The Ummed School believes in developing a relationship with every parent because it is necessary to meet the needs of the students and helps them grow in every phase of school life.

World Class Infrastructure

Our world-class infrastructure helps students to indulge more in our wide range of school activities and programs which helps them to promote their growth intellectually, physically and aesthetically while developing a depth of character.

Cutting edge Technology

 As an organization, we take technology as a natural extension to improve the learning process. Students are disclosed to and engaged in the implementation of technology on a regular basis as a means to enlarge their classroom experience and provide them new opportunities for self-expression.

Recognizing the learning Needs

We believe that every child has its own uniqueness and as an institution our motive is to recognize the learning needs of each student and provide an appropriately rigorous learning program for that.

A Tradition of explicit mentorship

The Ummed School is a tradition of modern education. We believe in the overall development of students by providing them the assistance in the field of art, music, craft and sports.Not only we assures educational learning but we also pays attention to the mental and physical well-being of the students.